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Quiet Hiring? Let's try Efficient Positioning!

  In the wake of last year's catchphrase phenomenon "Quiet Quitting"- doing only what you are paid to do and nothing more than what is in your job description and "Quiet Firing"-firing someone without firing them, where that person is denied all opportunities for advancement and development in the job. This year begins with companies using the term "Quiet Hiring". This to me is just what companies should have been doing all along when utilizing existing staff.   I would rather call it Efficient Positioning; Upskilling people within your organization and promoting within. This is not a new concept. Some managers get so comfortable with whom they have running things within their organizations and care little if those employees want to advance to not. They overlook talent and loyalty that is right under their noses. I have two stances on this matter. As a manager of people, you must interact with and know your employees. If there is a person who is com
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Leadership, it's kind of a BIG deal!

       Leadership is a practicable, learnable skill. Everyone can be a leader, but this doesn’t mean that everyone should or wants to be a leader. Leadership takes a lot of sacrifices, you sacrifice your time and knowledge, and when things go right, you sacrifice the WIN. You make sure that the people who made the WIN happen gets the credit for their work. A leader makes the people their priority, not the customer or the business. Leaders create an environment where their employees can be themselves and thrive at their job. Where they can make a mistake without the fear of reprimand. Now, by no means am I saying not to hold them accountable for a mistake. But accountability can have many faces. They can be accountable because you caught the mistake and now you, as the leader, must make sure they know what was done wrong and how not to make the mistake again. This allows them to learn to look for those mistakes and catch them before they can. Not because they fear you, but because they